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Word Wiz editing services include...

  • Children's Picture Books

  • Middle Grade/Young Adult​/Novels​​

  • Crowdfunding (Kickstarter​/Indiegogo etc.)

  • Amazon (Description/A+ Content/Bio, etc.)

  • Book Blurbs​ / Bios

  • Website Copy

Middle Grade Editing

Prices vary significantly by project. Please reach out for a customized quote if interested.

*Nominal PayPal fees are added to each payment.

A “Level 1 Edit” helps to prepare an already well-structured manuscript for publication. This is just a basic “fixing” of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This does not include rewrites or restructuring.

  • Price: $0.03220 per word

  • Cost $966.00 for a 30,000 word manuscript

A “Level 2 Edit” is recommended for manuscripts needing attention to organization, presentation, and sentence structure to clarify meaning and smooth the flow of the text. It fixes story, flags bigger issues, and is more ‘in-depth’ than level 1 editing.

  • Price: $0.0400 per word

  • Cost $1,200.00 for a 30,000 word manuscript

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