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Hi again!

I have many years of experience and expertise as an editor, but I also have a great deal of experience and expertise as a subject matter expert (SME).


Scroll down for a full list of my credentials!

Editor Credentials2.png

My background as an expert editor includes:

  • I have been editing for over twenty years and have received recognition for my writing/editing abilities throughout my professional career. That includes becoming the winner of several monetary awards. 

  • I have worked as a children's book editor in the indie author space for over two years and have edited over a hundred fifty books during that time.

  • I specialize in meter and rhyme, and I have edited over a hundred meter/rhyming books, including The Blomes and The Smooms and the Impossible Bridge, by Heather Davis. This book is a particular favorite of mine, as the meter editing was highly intricate while the writing was expertly orchestrated by Heather. 


My background as a subject matter expert (SME)/specialist includes:

  • I have a Master's degree in 'Death and Dying' and have worked on a number of books about death/loss, including What Do You Do? When the Life of a Loved One Has Come to an End, by Everly Cade.


  • I have a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD) and have worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for over twenty years. I have consulted on several books as an OT and sensory integration specialist, including Nicole Filippone's Rosalee the Seeker: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story and Alexander the Avoider: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story. I have also consulted on books about the brain, including Brian the Brain Head Space: How your Brain Works! by Jenny Mouse.


  • I have a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW), and have consulted on books about emotional challenges, including Lauren Mosback's rhyming book My Sister's Super Skills: Transforming Anxiety.

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