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All of the books I review offer something important to children and the field of children's literature. 

If you feel your book fits that description, feel free to reach out and submit your book for review. 

I do not charge for this service. I offer this to highlight important and/or unique books in the indie author/publishing space that may not get the level of recognition that traditionally published books often get. 

Please note that I will not be able to review all submitted books. If yours is selected, I will reach out within 72 hours regarding next steps.

Email me your book submission! -->

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Review Title: Brief Description of Why This Book is a Must Read

This will show the first few lines of the actual review. It should be about two or three sentences and include content that showcases your expertise in early childhood development and education.....

Some more text from the review will go here. This is just filler text for now to see how it would look on the page. 

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All enthusiastic Word Wiz must-reads!
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